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Physical Exhaustion Takes over Feet from the Finish Line – Soldier Shocks Everyone in Final Moments


Video of Captain Sarah Cudd’s determination to finish a grueling 12-mile march necessary to earn the Army’s Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB) surfaced last month and has since gone viral.

Along with the march, those seeking the EFMB must complete a written test, day and night land navigation, tactical combat casualty care, medical and casualty evacuation, warrior skills and communications.

The 12-mile forced road march – the final task before earning the coveted medical badge – must be completed in three hours while carrying a standard load of fighting gear.

In total, less than 25% of those attempting to earn the badge succeed in completing the course.

In the end, Cudd, clearly exhausted and on her knees prior to the finish line, would simply not be denied.

Via The Blaze:

“It took heart, guts, determination, falling down and getting up, and a little motivation from the crowd to get across the finish line. Check this out.”

That’s how School Expert Field Medical Badge Program Manager Lloyd A. Manson of the U.S. Army described the last few moments of Capt. Sarah Cudd’s completion of a grueling 12-mile march late last month.

The footage shows the soldier fall the the ground several times, just feet from the finish line, only to get back up as others around cheered her on.

Watch her incredible effort below…

What do you think of this Army soldier’s grit and determination in completing the task? Is it motivational or inspirational? Share your thoughts below…


Comments on “Physical Exhaustion Takes over Feet from the Finish Line – Soldier Shocks Everyone in Final Moments”

  1. SniperzRule1 says:

    Hooorrrraaaahhh, Capt. Cudd. This video had me in tears, cheering for you. I am so proud as an American Veteran to know there are Soldiers in our military like you who will NOT be denied their objective. Good job, Ma’am. Very proud for you.