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Please Admire This Young Reporter As She Was Verbally Abused by this County Official – MUST WATCH!

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Nashville’s WSMV Channel 4 young reporter Alanna Autler stepped into a tense story situation interviewing former County Chairman Ron Buchanan. It seems the news station found irregularities with his spending and broke the story.

As you will see in the video below, Buchanan seemed to be upset with the line of questioning and continue request for clarification, which prompted him to call Autler a bitch on camera.

Following that outburst, he resigned, and Mayor Megan Barry ordered an immediate audit of spending in the Davidson County Election Commission.

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From Slot.com

“Is it acceptable that you went to a restaurant such as Sperry’s for something that was Davidson County Election Commission business?” Autler asked.

“That charge was for a business meeting to discuss the budget on June 30 when the budget was approved July 1 and it was a very legitimate purchase,” Buchanan said.

“Could you have gone to another restaurant that was perhaps not as expensive?” Autler asked.

“That’s it,” Buchanan said, walking away from the camera.

“Can you explain the picture frame that was $614?” Autler asked.

“That’s it,” Buchanan said.

“That’s it?” Autler said.

“That’s exactly the bitch I thought you would be,” Buchanan said.

Watch the video report here:

He seemed like a huge bully who thought he could intimidate a young female. I am glad things turned out alright, and nothing else happened as you could see his unwillingness to participate further.

H/T – TheSlot

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