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The Pledge of Allegiance is UNDER FIRE from Furious Atheists in this State, but One Teen is Fighting Back!

An atheist family is suing Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District over the pledge because they claim it violates their atheist beliefs. But that didn’t stop a New Jersey teenager from fighting them back!

The lawsuit focuses on the words “under God” that were added to the Pledge in 1954 and that have survived legal challenges before. Not long ago during a similar case, a Massachusetts high court ruled in a similar lawsuit that the pledge is not discriminatory.

However, student Samantha Jones has had enough. Watch (above) as she explains to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto why she started her fight to save “Under God” in the pledge.

The pledge includes a passing reference to God, and simply reminds students where the rights protected by American law come from. Regardless of students’ religious beliefs, American government is founded on Christian principles, and it should never be controversial to note that.

The constitution protects freedom of religion, but not freedom FROM religion. And nothing is more un-American than keeping students from saluting the greatest country on Earth.

Do you support the Pledge of Allegiance being said by all students? Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.