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This Pregnant Teen Playing Pokemon Proves EXACTLY Why it’s so Dangerous!

Pokemon go accident

We need to pray for the world after this situation. Hopefully, everything works out for the better for this young lady and her baby.

After reports about Pokemon Go players getting robbed, getting hit by buses, and literally fallings off cliffs, we didn’t think it could get much worse… until we came across this tragic story about an 18 year old pregnant girl who had an accident.

When you start the game, it warns you to stay aware of your surroundings. When will people heed the warning? You can only blame the game so much. People need to take extra care when playing this game.

From Daily Mail:

A pregnant Pokemon Go player, 18, had to undergo an emergency C-section after she was mowed down by a hit-and-run driver.

Mother-of-two Kaitlyn Shelton was walking down the street playing the app with her friends in Gladstone, Missouri on Friday night when she was intentionally hit by a man in a Dodge Caravan, friends claim.

The 18-year-old says the next thing she knew; she had woken up in hospital terrified that had lost her unborn child, Fox4KC report.

Friends of the teen, who also has a young daughter, say they had all been walking along playing Pokemon Go when a van had come speeding out of nowhere.

Shelton’s sister Ashley, who was with the group, had yelled out in alarm at the driver after the near miss.

But the motorist had slammed the vehicle into reverse and ran over the pregnant teen knocking her unconscious, Ashley Shelton claims.

Watch the report here below:

I read this article, and the fact still stands. Face buried in a screen and walking in the middle of the street or anywhere vehicles have access to isn’t smart or safe as a pedestrian. If you aren’t paying attention to your action and actions of others, you are interacting with society recklessly, and these incident rates increase.

Whether they hit her on purpose or by accident, the game and her choice to play placed her into that moment and caused harm in part by being lured and distracted by cartoon games in public space.

Hopefully, they find the driver and put him behind bars. That’s what needs to happen to him.

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