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Police Body Cam Footage Reveals How Quickly Escalated Altercation Leaves One Party Dead

A Nevada police officer survived a point blank shooting attempt by a motorist at a traffic stop on July 10, but the motorist wasn’t so lucky.

James Todora was pulled over by Officer Carlos Luna because of a broken taillight. Luna was not aware that Todora had recently interacted with police after threatening to kill his wife. The exchange between the officer and Todora escalated quickly. Thankfully, Officers Hogue and Kroening were conducting another traffic stop nearby and had come by to assist Luna, possibly saving the officer’s life.

When asked to exit the vehicle, Todora grabbed a handgun hidden in his passenger’s seat, pointed it at Luna’s head and pulled the trigger. The gun was loaded but there wasn’t a bullet in the chamber.

Luna quickly retreated before Todora fired again. Once Todora cycled his gun and fired, the bullet went through the driver’s side window and grazed Officer Evan Hogue in the neck. Officer Brian Kroening fired three shots at Todora, killing him.

Hogue was taken to the hospital for the wound and released. Todora ended up at the morgue.

Police released Luna’s body cam video which reveals how the situation changed fast. (Sound kicks in at :29)

There has been a lot of discussion on police body cameras recently. Some are concerned about the privacy of the officers wearing cameras. In this instance, the camera essentially justifies the police shooting Todora.

Do you believe the positives outweigh the concerns? Please comment below.

H/T: Bearing Arms



  1. Daniel says:

    I’m not a Peace Officer, I’m certified Private Security, but I will be going for my badge in a few years. Since I made the decision to become local Law Enforcement my views on the Police has changed drastically.

    But even when I would spit at the sight of a cop, I’d still be on my best behavior when I was being questioned, or pulled over. You see, regardless of what you watch on those stupid Youtube videos, those guys don’t know jack about the law… Peace Officers are trained to know the Law.

    So you can argue all you like, and situations like this can arise. Or you can cooperate with your local Law Enforcement, and even go home at night. The choice is yours, stop blaming Law Enforcement, for your mistakes.

    I agree with body cams, and am grateful he had one, but the thing about body cams, is most departments don’t enforce them, so it is up to the Peace Officer to get one with their own finances. Luckily this Officer had one.

    I say yes to body cams, and make it a priority for the Department to purchase them for every Officer.

  2. Kathy says:

    Convictions are going to go up.

  3. Jim says:

    I love a feel good story with a happy ending. Keep them coming.

  4. Dawn says:

    Another idiot that just can’t comply! It is so easy to just do as you are asked. Sorry you lost your life for that inability.