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People Reveal The NICEST Things Police Have Done For Them




















It seems today the only time you’ll hear about police in the news is when they do wrong (or something initially perceived as unjustified). For those in the media, the narrative is more important than the facts. Take the recent shooting of Korryn Gaines as an example, who the media portrayed as a black woman killed by police while holding her five year old son.

Did it matter that police arrived at her apartment to serve her an arrest warrant, and were met by Gaines armed with a shotgun whole holding her son as a human shield? Did it matter that a SWAT team didn’t come until after Gaines threatened to kill police unless they left? Did it matter that she wasn’t shot until she pointed her gun at police, after hours of negotiations?

Of course not. Those in the media and movements like Black Lives Matter want martyrs, and that’s what they’ll get. In such heated times, it’s important to remember (especially for Progressives) that police are people just like you and me. A thread on Reddit recently asked users to post the nicest thing an officer had done for them. My six favorite answers are posted below:


H/T Knowable

What’s the nicest thing an officer had done for you? Let us know in the comments!