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HEROIC! This Kid Brought A Gun To A Basketball Game, But These Heroes Were There


A 20-year veteran of the Wichita, Kansas Police Department made a once in a lifetime shot that disarmed a teenaged suspect who was running towards a crowded high school basketball game with a gun. The suspect’s name is being withheld at this time and police have not yet released the video evidence themselves yet.

It all started when officers attempted a traffic stop of a vehicle thought to contain suspects from a double homicide in the area. Officers attempted the stop near West High School.

However, one of the suspects ran from the vehicle, towards the school, where over 200 people were attending a basketball game. The suspect was said to be holding a semi-automatic handgun.


After arriving on the scene, the veteran officer fired twice at the suspect. The first shot hit the suspect’s gun, disarming him. The second shot, which was fired in succession with the first, hit the suspect in the side/back. However, the suspect ran another 100 yards before officers could take him into custody.

Police Chief Mosley was asked if the suspect ever pointed the firearm at officers. He responded by saying:

“All I can say at this point is that the individual was running at the officers with the gun in his hand. We’re still asking the questions and getting to whether or not it was pointed, but again, he was running towards our officers with it in his hand, and then we were heading towards the door at West High.

“We had officers behind, but we had other officers coming in the other drive, so that’s where we get ‘running towards.’”

The suspect’s mother claims her son was unarmed, and shot in the back by officers chasing him, according to local media reports.

Watch the video report here:

H/T: CBS News, Kansas.com

We can’t have kids running around schools with any gun/firearms. I salute this police officer for doing his job. You can tell from mother’s response she should be held responsible too. Share your thoughts on this incident in our comment section below.