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Police Shocked to Find Beggar’s Pockets Filled With THIS… See Their Reaction!



A homeless man named Franklin Jones recently gained a lot of attention for his success as a “beggar”.

While that may not seem like a great profession, Jones’ proficiency certainly shocked members of the Slidell, Louisiana police department to the point that they took to social media to discuss the problem.

The post featured a picture of what officers found in Jones’ pockets – some $800 in cash that he claimed he made in “a few hours.”



According to the Facebook post:

Transients, also known as beggars or homeless, are often a hot topic of debate for Slidell residents. There are people who feel these individuals all need to be arrested. Some feel they should offer help. Literally, every day, someone either calls Slidell police or sends us a message on Facebook asking us to do something about this problem.

We continue to offer help, but when you can make $800 in less than a week by “begging,” some people say, “Why get a real job?” We’ve found jobs for people. We’ve offered assistance by bringing some of these individuals to rehab facilities. Bottom line is, it’s up to the individual person if they want help or not.

What do you expect us to do? Just ignore it? If we did that you would have some people outraged that the police “aren’t doing their job”. If we do arrest someone for this we have people claiming we are “harassing” them, or “wasting tax payers dollars by putting them in jail for such a minor offense”, or “humiliating them by posting this on Facebook”. No matter what action we take, some will agree and some will disagree. It is what it is.

There has been serious backlash about the officers “shaming” the beggar so the post was deleted from Facebook.


Jones’ money is, of course, his to keep under Louisiana law. Check out the video:

H/T: The Inquistor