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Policeman Went Undercover to Expose Criminal Activity but Things Didn’t Go as Planned – Watch!

Sergeant Mark Horsley of the Vancouver Police Department decided to go undercover, portraying the target of a couple recent crimes — a defenseless, wheelchair bound citizen. He took to the streets in an attempt rid the city of criminals, but what he found was entirely different from what he sought out.

Horsley selflessly put himself in harm’s way to deter crime. As Horsley described, “My boss tied a pork chop around my neck and threw me into a shark tank.” However, it wasn’t vicious monsters that he’d find circling him in the city streets.


Things didn’t quite go as planned, and as a matter of fact, the chain of events were so different from what the VPD was seeking to accomplish that they released a video depicting exactly what happened.

For the five-day operation, Horsley not only took to the streets looking like an easy target, but he also had plenty of bait to tempt a would-be robber, including a fanny pack full of loot hanging from his wheelchair, a camera, and a cellphone. Although the undercover setup didn’t land any arrests, Horsley did make more than 300 contacts with people, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

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  1. Frank says:

    This is humanity at its finest