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This Poll Proves ObamaCare Has Been A Failure!

It’s been two years since ObamaCare fully took effect, and the President has blocked every effort to stop it along the way. If the law was actually working he’d be doing the right thing, but all health care “reform” has done is sicken the lives of most Americans.

A poll conducted by National Public Radio and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation finds that only 15% of respondents believe they have been personally helped by Obamacare.

The poll is a broad look at Americans’ view of health care, both the quality and affordability of the care they receive but it also asked about the impact of Obamacare:

Americans have mixed feelings on the state- and personal-level effects of the Affordable Care Act. The proportion of U.S. adults who believe the law helped people in the state where they live approximately equals the proportion of people who believe national health reform hurt their fellow state residents. On a personal level, most Americans do not believe the law directly affected them. Among those who do, however, more believe the law directly hurt them than helped them.

H/T HotAir 

It’s not hard to see why when you look at how many people are saving money from ObamaCare vs. how many are spending more:


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