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Popular TV Show Blames THIS For Low Ratings Overseas!

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If you allow The Hollywood Reporter to describe why markets overseas do not enjoy their hit TV show Empire, they will say it’s because the audience doesn’t know how to except in all black cast. I think that excuse is out of bounds and also embarrassing.

Everything in this world is not about color, and I wish people just get over it.

Maybe it’s because the people watching in U.K., Australia, Canada, and Germany just don’t like the content. I have watched a couple of episodes of this TV show, and the music is what draws the audience, but when it comes down to the content and the plot, and not everybody wants to watch gay relationships in primetime TV, there I said it.


According to THR, which describes Empire as a “global flop,” the show has been a colossal failure in international markets:

In the U.K., the first season drew a middling 717,000 viewers on Channel 4’s youth-oriented E4 network, a mere 3 percent share, and season 2 has been worse, averaging a 2.2 percent share with 595,000 viewers. The show first season averaged 181,000 viewers on Australia’s Channel Ten, prompting a shift to the smaller Eleven network, where season two has averaged just 77,000 viewers an episode. In Canada, broadcaster Rogers Media moved Empire off its free-TV network City after season two ratings dipped to 208,000 viewers, shifting the second half of the season to its online streaming service Shomi. While in Germany, Empire, which aired in primetime on Pro7, one of the country’s leading free-TV networks, attracted less than 1 million viewers per show and fewer than 4 percent of the national audience, a fraction of the channel’s regular draw.

They can’t blame it on a diverse cast because many shows overseas have people of all color on their TV shows. I know for a fact that it doesn’t have to do anything with color because if you listen to the music late overseas that is very diverse.


German networks say that its audiences are more likely to watch an American procedural or sitcoms than a drama with multiple story arcs that play out over an 18-episode season — because not even smart Europeans can keep up with who’s having whose baby.

Are you tired of hearing racism at every turn just because someone doesn’t like the product? Can you see the studios just do not get the hint they need to develop new storylines or move on?


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