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After What This Postal Worker Did, You’ll Want To Make Sure Your Mail Is Safe!

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A California postal worker thought she could stash mail in her apartment to deliver in her neighborhood later. Sherry Watanabe hid close to 50,000 pieces of mail meant for her neighbors, and now she is facing possible jail time.

Did anyone check for Hillary Clinton’s 30K lost emails in that postal worker’s apartment?

What this postal worker did is wrong, and she needs to pay dearly for what he did. However, there is a bigger problem that needs to be addressed. The post office work environment is hostile to work for. Could she have been harassed by her supervisors? Was she overworked? How did her supervisors treat her? Were there problems that were never addressed? We will never find out answers to these questions, but she is not alone.

From Smoking Gun:

A U.S. Postal Service employee stashed nearly 50,000 pieces of undelivered mail in her California home, according to a criminal information filed against the worker.

Federal investigators charge that Sherry Watanabe hid “approximately 48,288 pieces of United States mail” in her apartment. The mail was intended for delivery to customers along Watanabe’s route in Placentia, an Orange County city.

Watanabe, 48, was named in a one-count felony criminal information filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. In a plea agreement with prosecutors, Watanabe has admitted to the mail hoarding.

According to the plea agreement, Watanabe was hired as a mail carrier in June 2006, and she began collecting “large quantities of such mail” in her Placentia residence in 2011. While the undelivered mail was seized by law enforcement agents in late-2013, court filings do not indicate why more than two years passed before Watanabe was charged.

Though Watanabe faces a statutory maximum of three years in custody, prosecutors have agreed to recommend that a term of imprisonment not exceed “the low end of the applicable Sentencing Guidelines range.”

In similar previous prosecutions, mail carriers have claimed that the volume on their routes was so onerous that they opted to hide the mail instead of delivering it.

Now let me look at this from another angle. This is a lot more serious than some think. Mail deliveries are legal instruments in a sense. A notice in the US mail is legal in a court of law where an email notice is not. What this person did was no small act.

Federal mail should be guarded and protected between every point of transfer, just like money is guarded when it leaves a bank. You steal mail and you are placing people’s lives and finances in jeopardy.

I don’t know what this woman is going through and whether it is a mental issue or not. What she did is a federal crime; she’s going have to pay the consequences. Do I feel bad? Yes. This situation probably got out of hand, but that does not excuse the offense.

What do you think should happen to this postal worker? Do you think she should go to jail or have some type a rehabilitation? Share your analysis and opinions below in the comment section.