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Disgraced Postal Worker Just Gave a New Meaning to Ground Delivery!

postal worker

Jobs are hard to come by these days so this story is very tragic but don’t blame every USPS carriers.

A postal worker was caught by a Homeowners Association Member (HOA) making a delivery but it wasn’t at any of the houses in the neighborhood. This driver was dropping mail in the woods so it wouldn’t be delivered.

This is not new. This has been happening for years. I know of a route carrier that was caught doing the same thing 20 years ago. The carrier was throwing away all the junk mail to keep his route short and quick.

These types of mail carriers are few and far between. It’s a very difficult job and most carriers go above and beyond not only delivering the mail butt checking on the elderly, and being helpful in their communities in other ways such as food drives. But this guy, he needs jail.

postal worker


The United States Postal Service has launched an investigation after residents in DeKalb County reported to Channel 2 Action News seeing a worker dumping several bins of mail in the woods.

A Channel 2 Action News viewer sent Tyisha Fernandes video and photos of the mail in the woods behind a subdivision in Decatur.

After seeing the mail for ourselves, we contacted the USPS. They sent investigators to the scene and they filled more than a dozen bins with dumped mail.

“It’s just so uncalled for,” Theresa Williams said. “To just take somebody’s personal mail and just discard it like that.”

Neighbors who live in the area told Fernandes they’re upset because they haven’t received a significant letter.

“You have business statements, bank statements, very important mail that people are looking for and probably waiting for,” said HOA president Kellie Campbell.

Campbell took video of the postal worker dumping the mail.

“I sat there and recorded for about 5 minutes. And he continued to just grab more mail and continued to just toss it over the fence,” Campbell said.

It took several workers a few hours to collect all the mail from the ditch.

I saw this story yesterday on our evening news and my first thoughts were, what is his motive? Was he just lazy and cutting his work day down? Was it politically motivated? Mad at his boss? And the most outrageous thing is that on our news report, if I heard right, he wasn’t even fired or officially charged with a crime!

I’ve always found the USPS to work quite well. They deliver fast and I’ve never had them lose anything of mine. Sometimes long lines is probably my only complaint.

What do you think should happen to this postal worker? Do you think he should be retrained and placed back into his normal route routine? Should he be fired? Give us your comments below and let us know what you think.

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