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Woman Thought Pepper Chips Were The Best Snack Ever Until….

potato chips ants

When I saw this article, I can only imagine how this young girl felt when she took a more defined look at the food she was eating only to discover there were dead ants on her potato chips. I am sure it freaked her out in the worst imaginable way as it would anyone else.

Honestly, though, this took me back to my childhood when I stayed at a friends house, and I woke up before everyone in the house to make some breakfast. I poured myself some cereal with milk and without thinking at all, I began eating it until I noticed movement, ants! I had been eating live ants! That wasn’t because of the company though, I don’t think.

This young woman took this photo of her experience and shared it on Twitter for the world to see what this vendor was selling.

Didn’t she read the packet … salt ants vinegar, sorry I couldn’t resist.

From Elite Daily:

I am really happy this did not happen to me, because I guarantee it would go a little something like this…

Me: “Man, these chips don’t even taste good, why am I still eating them? Oh, my God, they are covered in dead ants.”

This is also me realizing I have no control of my life, and I’m going to continue to eat these chips.

Emily Wagoner is just a high schooler who was enjoying some Pita Pit in Beaverton, Oregon. On the side, she had Miss Vickie’s Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips.

All was right in the world.

Until she realized that what she originally assumed was pepper on the chips turned out to be DEAD ANTS.

Emily complained to the store manager, because she did not order dead ants and all he offered her was a new bag of chips.

Like, “Sorry your first bag of chips had dead ants in them, wanna try again?”

This lackluster apology did not impress her so she took to Twitter to call them out, which I find… a little weird.

Emily, now the whole world knows you eat dead ants.

The company responded when twitter exploded with many retweets and responses and they sent this direct message to consumer:

potato chips ants

Hopefully, she gets justice from this vendor. I know most of you check your food out before eating it but just in case you don’t, remember to smell your food and survey it over so you know what you are getting or you could wind up in a mess like this.

How would you have handled this situation? Would you have taken to social media to publicly embarrass them or called them up and try to handle it another way? Share your opinions below in the comment section and let me know your resolution.