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Here’s A List Of Everything I Will Buy When I Win The Powerball

The Powerball is reaching over a billion dollars.

And people have ideas on how they are going to spend their billion.

Besides the obvious things (A giant house, land, cars, elections) here are a few things I would buy!

A Herd of Elephants. I’ll need fantastic beasts to roam all the land I own.

One of those “freestyle” Coke machines…FOR EACH ROOM IN MY HOUSE! And one that danced. Because why not? I HAVE A BILLION DOLLARS!

The set from the Merv Griffin Show. Also, I’m pretty sure I know how Kramer never worked. He won the Powerball.

A brewery. I love beer (who doesn’t!?) so I’d have my own brewery making me the finest of saisons, smoked porters, goses, and czech pilsners

East Sister Rock. Only $12 million. A bargain really. I should buy two!

I think that’s it….for now. Anyway, I doubt this will happen. And really it is for the best. I am not competent enough for that much money.

But, who is?

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Comment with what you’ll buy!