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These Preemies Are Doing Something So Extraordinary You’ve Got To Drop Everything And Watch!

I have twin daughters, and they are totally amazing. I loved when they where this small so I can relate to this story, but this was remarkable!

Glen and Anthea Jackson-Rushford’s twins were born 11 weeks early, but they have already shown remarkable strength and determination to stick together and survive.

Kristian Ian and Kristiana Micaela were born on January 4, weighing about two pounds each. Despite their early entry into the world, Jackson-Rushford said “All [is] going swell! Just growth is all that we are waiting on now!”

What’s even more miraculous is that the two can’t seem to stop holding hands. In the video below, the twins are one week old getting skin-to-skin time with their father – and with each other.


And in this video, not only are they holding hands, one is holding her pacifier all by herself.

“We [realize] it may be a tad bit disturbing seeing our twins with tubes but they are premie babies so it is understandable and normal,” Jackson-Rushford wrote. “I’m sharing photos and videos for the simple reason that it gives hope to all parents out there that even they do just fine! I googled like crazy looking for hope when we told we might be [premature]. I would love to see this kind of positivity as a mum that faces the possibility of a premature baby. To all parents that face this, be comforted in knowing that today anything is possible and your babies will be just fine!!!”

Check out this wonderful video:

H/T – Mirror

What do you think of this great video? Hopefully, these two watch this video one day and see just how close they are and never lose it. Share this story on your social media wall and don’t tell us your first thoughts after watching this video.