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Mitt Romney Just Angered EVERY Republican With This ONE MOVE!

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Mitt Romney has failed again. He’s attempting to circumvent the will of the people and it seems he wants to take down others with him. What makes this really ridiculous is who gave this loser so much power? He got skunked in 2012 so bad, he was pumping his own gas on November 5, 2012 looking like he hadn’t slept in weeks.

Romney wants Gov. John Kasich to be part of his scheme to create a third-party candidate but the Ohio Gov doesn’t want anything to do with it.

Kasich is a realist; he realizes Donald Trump is the inevitable GOP nominee. It is sad that people like Mitt Romney and Sen. Ben Sasse put their personal agendas ahead of the country’s best interests. Moreover, many feel Trump is the best GOP candidate since Ronald Reagan. ALL conservatives need to unite behind Trump to prevent a catastrophic third Obama term.

That being said, today, Kasich ruled out a third-party run being headed by Romney and the Weekly Standard’s William Kristol.

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From Newsmax:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich says he will not run as a third-party candidate, The Hill reports.

“I think that I gave it my best where I am, and I just think running third-party doesn’t feel right,” Kasich told CNN in an interview set to air Monday night. “I think it’s not constructive.”

Kasich said he talked to someone by phone who urged him to run third-party after dropping out of the GOP race earlier this spring. Kasich would not say who talked to him, but a Washington Post report last week said 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney is leading an effort to get a third-party candidate to run against GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

Romney and others on the right believe Trump is not conservative enough and are pushing for a third-party alternative. Other Republicans warn that such a move would only divide the conservative vote and elect Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Some voters think the impending indictment of Hillary should be enough to help Trump win in the General Election but the indictment will not be necessary as Trump will win easily.

I predict that Trump will win a significant share of the Hispanic vote because they know better than anybody that open borders have allowed the gangs, the cartels, and the drug trafficking to destroy Hispanic families and kill young Hispanic males and Trump will put a stop to that carnage in our Hispanic communities.

Romney, on the other hand, seems to be exemplifying embarrassing, pointless and stupid. His reasoning: Trump isn’t conservative enough. As if being conservative is enough to win a general election. Note to Romney: You helped destroy this nation, now you can live with the idiots our educational system has been regurgitating. Additionally, conservatism isn’t your cause; it’s cronyism.

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Comments on “Mitt Romney Just Angered EVERY Republican With This ONE MOVE!”

  1. Allen says:

    Romney is ticked because he knows he’s a loser and lost in 2012 and he also knows that Donald J. Trump is going to win and be the next President of the United States of America. WAKE UP ROMNEY……..That is why he is trying to stop “The Donald”……..