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Hillary is Losing So Badly, This Latest Media Attempt to Sway The Public is Disgraceful!

presidential debate

After a few days of talking the Democratic nominee up to the heavens, the mainstream media is reporting Hillary Clinton’s lead has grown since the debate. My friends, this is the only thing they have left. GOP nominee Donald Trump continues to rally thousands while Hillary can’t even muster up a couple hundred.

I saw NBC’s Chuck Todd say that Clinton won the scientific polls after the debate but CNN’s poll that gave her a 67 percent nod for the win was heavily sampled by Democrats almost three to one. They polled 46% Democrats and only 27% Republicans. Oh yeah, that was a scientific poll.

EVERY poll after the debate showed Clinton losing wasn’t believed by the liberal media. Trump crushed her in 26 out of 27 polls, even on liberal sites. Here’s a few of them but you get the picture.

From The Hill:

Hillary Clinton appears to be getting a bump in the polls after Monday’s presidential debate in which she was widely hailed as the winner against Donald Trump.

Post-debate surveys show the 80 million viewers who tuned in primarily believe that Clinton got the best of Trump, and early returns show that sentiment is filtering into the national horse-race polls and the surveys of battleground states.

Pollsters caution that it’s still premature to draw definitive conclusions about the long-term impact of the debate, and note the movement in Clinton’s direction has been modest.

But data experts say the Democratic contender has at the very least reestablished herself as the front-runner after the race had tightened almost to the point of a toss-up.

They expect that the media reaction to the debate, coupled with Trump’s post-debate stumbles into controversy, will ensure Clinton carries that lead into the weekend when the major polling outlets begin unveiling their latest numbers.

“Clearly and not surprisingly she’s getting a little kick,” said pollster John Zogby. “But it’s only a little kick so far and it’s not clear yet that there’s a bigger bump to be had.”

The candidates entered debate night on Monday essentially tied nationally, with Trump making a late charge in the swing states where Clinton was once the overwhelming favorite.

They know she can’t beat anyone and they are reaching for the heavens trying to get her across the finish line but it won’t happen this election.

This will be a landslide for Trump. No one listens to the lying media anymore. The media’s approval ratings are the lowest in the history of the US so give me a break.

There’s a reason Gallup got out of the presidential polling business because it’s not precise, never will be, and is not worth the effort.

Do you think Hillary has taken a lead over Trump or do you think the media is playing games like usual? Share your comments below and let me know what you think.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Anyone voting for this criminal has to have a screw loose

  2. tngrandpa says:


  3. Marilyn says:

    Clinton and the media have been concentrating on what I call “gutter politics” and Clintons’ plan for “free college” and “debt forgiveness”. She has a plan on her website that will look good to young people but will NEVER, ever, be implemented. It is purely a vote getter.

    Everyone seems to love “gutter politics” as much as they enjoy watching the Kardashians. But to determine your vote on “gutter politics” is unconscionable. It is our ECONOMY and NATIONAL SECURITY that are important. If both aren’t fixed then nothing else will matter.

    Hillary Clinton has contributed greatly to destroying both our economy and National Security so why would anyone expect she would fix them?

    And there is nothing – NOTHING – that Donald Trump has ever said to a woman that even compares to the systematic destruction of women classified as “Bill’s Bimbos” by Hillary Clinton.

    1. tngrandpa says:


  4. Bill-B says:

    It really doesn’t matter if 9 out of 10 people voted for Trump, the communist, Socialistic Democrat party will take the office. Your vote, like in the last election, which Obama lost, will not be counted. Obama has already insinuatined that he will not leave the office if Trump were to win. Just like Mexicos election. It doesn’t matter who wins, the PRI will not give up the power and government.

    1. AmericanBelle says:

      Which is why conservative groups like the Tea Party, et al, are asking the people who vote for Trump to wear red to the polls on election day. They will be monitoring the sea of red so that at the end of the day when Hillary claims victory, voter fraud will be evident and the watch groups will give the number of “reds” who actually went to the polls and voted.

  5. no says:

    This isn’t a battle between left and right any longer. This is a battle between the globalist 1%ers who infest both parties, their financial ties that are more important to them than any appeal to patriotism or America, and the vast majority of Americans who are being laid low by globalism. They want their rape of America and it’s citizens to continue through open borders that drive wages down, prices up and the continuation of shipping businesses and jobs overseas in order to get that last penny in profit while they literally gut this country and it’s people. They own the MSM and will stop at nothing. That is the explanation for the never Trump GOP elites, the MSM and the corrupt DNC agreeing on electing corrupt hillary, laid bare.

    1. AmericanBelle says:

      Not really. The real fight is between globalism (Clinton) and nationalism (Trump). Do not give up on the fact that there is a HUGE national movement behind Trump, evidenced at every single rally that brings in thousands compared to the paltry showings at Clinton rallies where they have to put up room dividers to make it look like a lot of people right there in front!

  6. David says:

    when the MEDIA become aligned with one [1] ideology they are no longer journalists doing their job.. They are now an arm of the left wing FASCIST AGENDA; only fools have NOT MADE UP THEIR minds to either allow liberal/communists to destroy our free nation or stop their failed “central planner” flops; failed policies, obammiecare, welfare, affirmative action, foreign policy, fighting we the people over First & second amendment rights, economic disaster [pandering “wall street”], allowing undocumented aliens to VOTE [obammie “liberals” has never won a state with voter ID, the ONE THING they are successful at is “LYING”.

  7. Don says:

    The media is a disgrace in its bias.
    Frankly at this stage – there is NOTHING they could report about either candidate that would keep me from voting for Trump.