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How Trump and Hillary Prepare for Debate Says All You Need to Know

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On Sunday night, Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton will sit down to debate Republican nominee Donald Trump in the 2nd of three scheduled meetings between the two candidates. Trump continues to do what candidates have done for eons, and that is campaign across America trying to get as many votes as he can.

What is Hillary doing? I’ll give you one guess and it’s not the same thing. Hillary is once again shedding her schedule of campaign events to prepare for the debate. You would think after 30 years of political service she would have it down but she is a train wreck waiting to happen.

She’s probably learning more canned lines for her campaign of insults. She has NO POLICY to speak of, so, she will be doing her typical Trump bashing and avoiding her dismal, no-accomplishment, incompetent record.

From CNN:

Advisers say the reason behind the decision is simple: the debate carries far greater importance than a standard campaign event. The first debate was viewed by more than 80 million, far more than the audience for any rally.

Clinton’s top takeaway from her first debate with Trump was that preparation matters. So ahead of the contest at Washington University, Clinton will hunker down with a select group of aides later this week to refine her attacks on Trump and prepare for the added level of difficulty created by a live audience that asks questions.

Clinton is spending Wednesday preparing for the town hall debate at her home in Washington.

John Podesta, the campaign chairman, Jake Sullivan, Clinton’s top policy adviser, and Ron Klain and Karen Dunn, two top members of Clinton’s debate team, were all seen entering her home. The small group of aides were joined by Sara Solow, Kristine Costa and Tony Carrk, all members of the small group of aides working with Clinton ahead of Sunday’s debate.
Podesta raised the stakes on Clinton’s debate performance in a conversation with reporters, arguing that the format is natural for Clinton and bad for Trump.

“She is very used to the format. She likes it. She likes answering questions from individual citizens. She listens hard, she relates to people,” Podesta said. “And that is a format that Donald Trump isn’t as used to. And so we will see. I think it is a natural format for her. She likes engaging with people.”

Anyone and everyone should be leary of someone who has 30+ years in government and who touts their vast experience as the principle reason why she is best qualified to be POTUS, and yet she requires days of preparation for a debate with a political outsider.

I have come to realize these debates mean nothing. It has become 90 minutes of “gotcha” moments with liberal moderators. If you need these debates to make a decision then you’ve had your head buried in the sand for the last few years.

Do you think Hillary is prepping for the debate or taking injections of steroids to sit up straight for it? Share your voices in our comment section below and let me know what you think.

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Comments on “How Trump and Hillary Prepare for Debate Says All You Need to Know”

  1. secularsceptic says:

    The main thing Trump needs to do is practice ignoring her insults, and focus on her dismal record as SOS, Senator, and 1st Lady. He might also mention Hillary’s number one advisor, Huma Abedin, who is a Muslim who worked at the Muslim Journal that is opposed to women in the work place.