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Price Tag of ‘Healthy’ School Lunches No Concern for Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama School Lunches

In an interview with Channel One, First Lady Michelle Obama made it clear that she isn’t giving up on forcing school districts and kids to eat the way she wants them to eat.

The school lunch program has been criticized for the strict requirements driving up school lunch costs and forcing kids to eat food that they don’t like, with no way to opt out of the program.

The First Lady dismissed these complaints, and said she doesn’t “want to give up because it’s expensive… I don’t want that to be the excuse.”

No disrespect, Mrs. Obama, but school districts have a lot to worry about, and giving up on reforming school lunches because it’s expensive is a perfectly rational reason.

Why is fiscal responsibility so hard for liberals to understand?

H/T: The Hill


Comments on “Price Tag of ‘Healthy’ School Lunches No Concern for Michelle Obama”

  1. Kenny says:

    Moochelle is more concerned with starving little white children than their actual diet.

    What an embarrassment she is to the White House and America in general.

    Oh well. You can’t lead a horticulture.