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RNC Chief Just Beat NBC At Their Trump Gotcha Question – AWESOME!

Priebus Chuck Todd

Liberal NBC anchor Chuck Todd wanted to know just how much RNC Chairman Priebus could speak about Donald Trump’s policies. Despite Todd’s best efforts, Priebus gave a solid answer to a gotcha question. The RNC Chairman said he doesn’t speak for the GOP nominee and he’s 100 percent correct.

The major political parties, along with the mainstream media, treat the American public like sheep. America, do not let some pundit herd you into contributing to the decline of America by wasting your vote on a dishonest, incompetent and unqualified candidate because those political pundits tell you no one else can win. These gotcha questions help nobody.

From Yahoo News:

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said that if you want to know the specifics of Donald Trump’s immigration policy, you’ll have to ask the real estate magnate himself.

The GOP leader declined to spell out what his party’s presidential nominee planned to do about the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday.

“Well, you’re going to find out from Donald Trump very shortly,” Priebus said. “He’s going to be giving prepared remarks on this issue, I think, very soon. I don’t want to give a date.”

Todd replied, “We don’t know? I mean, it is remarkable that we don’t know.”

“I don’t speak for Donald Trump. That’s what I do know,” Priebus said. Then he broke down what his party’s standard-bearer has promised to do about the U.S.-Mexico border and deporting violent criminals but declined to elaborate on the presidential candidate’s plans for nonviolent undocumented immigrants.

“Here is what I know: His position will be tough. His position will be fair, but his position is going to be humane,” he said. “He’s going to build and complete the border wall that was set in place in 2006 by Congress. It’s going to be paid for. I believe that he is going to — when he talks about deportation– he’s going to go after people here who are criminals and shouldn’t be here.”

Priebus conceded that Trump had simplified his immigration policy during the primaries but is now reflecting on it. Regardless, he said, Trump would be tougher on illegal immigration than any presidential candidate the U.S. has ever had and will be a “law and order president.”

The main issues here are low-income work, safe streets, drinking water and infrastructure, climate change…none of these matters can be addressed by letting businesses rip off workers, evade taxes, or turn a blind eye to new technology and processes that make manufacturing cleaner.

Clinton won’t regulate them because she has taken too much from 1% donors. Trump has addressed fair taxation by eliminating it for under $50k earners, laid out plans for deductible child care and new manufacturing jobs.

Priebus isn’t running and Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd knows this. This was just another attempt to use a gotcha question and I am glad the RNC chairman didn’t fall for it.

Do you think Priebus should have restated Trump’s positions or did Todd cross the line in trying to get a scoop? Share your opinions below in the comment section and let us know what you think.


Comments on “RNC Chief Just Beat NBC At Their Trump Gotcha Question – AWESOME!”

  1. Adrian says:

    “We don’t know?” You damn right you don’t know because you twist everything Trump says, make crazy speculations he is a loon, from the moon or practices witchcraft on Trump Tower. He is going to be the next President of the United States after Obama tries to wangle a third term or “Eternal Presidency” out of Hillary’s health collapse or indictment. That’s the game!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.