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Principal’s Decision To Ban The Pledge Of Allegiance Just Backfired In A Huge Way!



Based on the headline, you might be asking yourself where the Pledge and Christmas went to in the first place. Well, at PS 169 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Principal Eujin Jaela Kim reportedly banned the Pledge of Allegiance, Christmas (even Santa and trees), and Thanksgiving, all in the name of tolerance and diversity.

A couple of weeks ago we reported on a Principal who had decided to ban her school from reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

The school called Thanksgiving the “Harvest Festival,” and Christmas parties were known as “Winter Celebrations.”

“We definitely can’t say Christmas, nothing with Christmas on it, nothing with Santa,” explained PTA president Mimi Ferrer. “No angels. We can’t even have a star because it can represent a religious system, like the Star of David.”

Well, after a massive outcry by parents of all religions, Kim’s plan to be a huge Scrooge was shot down. The school board received overwhelming numbers of phone calls and letters. Ultimately, the school board ruled that non-secular decorations and names could be used in the school.

This means that Santa, reindeer and Christmas trees will be making a comeback.

“Permitted symbols and decorations must be displayed simultaneously with other symbols and decorations that reflect different beliefs or customs, according to the Department of Education.”

Also, the Pledge of Allegiance is back. We’re honestly not sure what Kim’s logic for getting rid of that one was. Often times when you worry about offending some people, the fix winds up offending everyone.

I wonder if they will fire the Democratic activist principal? How dare she shove liberalism and its beliefs down the throats of innocent children. I say she should be sent packing back to the Clinton camp or the Obama administration.

Source: WREG

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