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Professor Exposes the Liberal Plot to Destroy the Second Amendment

Second Amendment

With so much attention devoted to Biden/Clinton/Trump/Ryan this week, this little nugget in the Washington Post was easy to overlook.

But, thanks to the enterprising folks over at Red Alert Politics, it is finally getting the attention it deserves.

If you click in the links above, you’ll find that UCLA Professor Adam Winkler thinks he’s found the way to finally erode gun rights in America … all it takes is patience.

In his article, entitled “The NRA will fall. It’s inevitable.” Winkler asserts that Second Amendment supporters are overwhelmingly white, while huge majorities of African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians all favor gun restrictions. And with the numbers of immigrants arriving in the United States continuing to surge, it’s only a matter of time before they form a majority.

And with that majority comes the power to finally crack down on private gun ownership in America.

Winkler has certainly got math on his side; America is projected to become a minority-majority nation at midcentury. But it remains to be seen whether new immigrants, once they arrive and become accustomed to America’s proud tradition of defending individual freedom, will simply do the bidding of rich liberals.

What do you think of Professor Winkler’s theory? Does it have you concerned, or is it just harmless bluster?

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  1. LaRae says:

    this could very easily happen with the high numbers of invaders being allowed to take over our country, in fact our leaders are counting on it to turn us totally democratic and that is certain to happen…the mexicans will all vote democratic and then the republican party is finished.

  2. Horace says:

    Another big idiot UCLA professor, all Demon doing be will go against, one years more and Demon are out, and be will start massive deportation and prosecute all Demon.

  3. Brandon says:

    I don’t know. Seeing as this country is going to become a minority-majority largely thanks to illegal immigration, my question is, when they become a majority how are they going to even keep America a world superpower when they couldn’t even help their own countries?

  4. Frank says:

    The Bill of Rights (including the 2nd Amendment) is a listing of primary inalienable rights that are superior to any authority delegated to government. In other words, government can never have authority to repeal inalienable rights as they did for example with suffrage or intoxicating liquors.

    1. Len says:

      Just what part of the Constitution did you find that gem in?