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Professor Tries to Reason With Liberal Students…. OWNS Them

liberal students

University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson was fed up with campus culture where “social justice warrior, left-wing radical political activists” ran rampant.

In September, he released a series of lectures on¬†YouTube taking aim at political correctness which drew venom from professors and liberal students at the university. He also brought attention to¬†Canadian human rights legislation that prohibits discrimination based on gender identity or expression. It’s similar to what’s now law in NYC; it would be a crime to “misgender” someone.

Peterson was especially frustrated with being asked to use alternative pronouns as requested by trans students or staff including the singular ‘they’ or ‘ze’ and ‘zir.’ Yes – there are people out there who think the pronouns for their gender is “ze.”

Peterson opposes legislation requiring people to use such language because he believes it’s politically motivated nonsense.

At a rally Peterson spoke at, one non-binary (which translates to “gender confused” in normal people English) student confronted Peterson while recording….. and makes a fool out of xirself (am I doing this right?)

These students have never had the mindless platitudes challenged before – which is obvious given how quick they were to change the subject every time one of their talking points got immediately shot down.

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Comments on “Professor Tries to Reason With Liberal Students…. OWNS Them”

  1. avg says:

    FACTS & TRUTHS have no bearing on LIEberals or their decision process