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Here’s PROOF Minorities WON Trump the Election


For the past year, the liberal media has been branding everyone who would dare support Trump a racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobic, Islamophobic Hitler reincarnation. Want to take a wild guess at what they attributed his victory to? Racism, of course!

But if that’s what they want to attribute his victory too, they’re going to have to explain away why it was minorities, not whites, that got Trump elected.


To start, white turnout was actually down from 2012, and the way whites voted barely changed from previous elections. Meanwhile, Hispanic turnout increased but Trump actually received a larger share of the Hispanic vote than Romney did in 2012. Additionally, while African American turnout was down slightly, Trump also captured a higher share of the black vote than Romney did in 2012.

Finally, a key demographic that helped push Trump to victory was Democrats. People that voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, but chose to side with Donald Trump in this election.

If the narrative is true that whites and racism pushed Trump to victory, how is it that Trump won despite lower white turnout, and heavier shares of the black and Hispanic vote? How is it that racism powered Trump to victory when people that previously voted for a black candidate shifted their votes to Donald Trump?

What is clear is despite all the rhetoric, race played a very small role in this election, but don’t count on the media to paint it that way.

H/T Unbiased America

What a surprise! The same media that got every single thing wrong about Trump this entire election is also wrong about why he won.

Don’t let liberals defame you. Trump didn’t win because we’re racist, he won because we’re fed up with their nonsense. Share this post on Facebook and Twitter!