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Proof of Blatant Mainstream Media Bias Against Former Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson

media bias

Twisted headlines, missing information, and leaked personal information have plagued the mainstream media’s reporting on matters relating to Darren Wilson, the former police officer from Ferguson who has been at the center of controversy regarding the Michael Brown shooting. Here are two instances of blatant bias.

The New York Times inappropriately published personal information in an article on Wilson’s marriage and relationship with his wife. As if this was not enough of an invasion of privacy, Wilson’s address was published in the article along with a photo of his marriage certificate. The image of the marriage certificate has since been removed, with this editor’s note:

An earlier version of this post included a photograph that contained information that should not have been made public. The image has been removed.”

The NY Times has not apologized for nor has it removed his address in the published article.

CNN is making sure to keep the issue of race front and center. Following news that Wilson resigned, CNN published the following tweet. They conveniently made no mention of Wilson acting on self-defense nor did they note that a grand jury decided not to move forward with an indictment against him.



Oscar Wilde once said, “By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.” What’s even worse is that in the case of Darren Wilson, it seems to be intentional.