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Property Brothers Stars Released A Song For the Troops That Will Leave You In Tears!


Jonathan and Drew Scott, the stars of HGTV’s hit show ‘Property Brothers,’ are proving they’re more than just real estate and home renovation wizards.

They’re also pretty damn good singers.

The brothers just released a country single honoring America’s men and women in the armed services, with a song about coming home to their families.

Via Fox News:

Jonathan and Drew Scott are trading in their day jobs as HGTV stars to follow their dreams of becoming the next hottest country music duo.

The “Property Brother” hosts released a music video for their new song “Hold On” and it hit all the right notes.

Featuring rustic scenery, a barn and a military dad reuniting with his family, The Scott Brothers’ country music is sure to bring viewers to tears.

The lyrics to the Scott brothers song involves stories of soldiers returning home to their families.

Qpolitical writes:

I hope this song inspires us all to say a prayer for our brave men and women as they fight for our freedom. God Bless our troops. God Bless America!

Hopefully it will inspire our readers as well.

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