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Protesters Jump On Stage to Confront Ted Cruz, He Shuts Them Down In An Epic Way!


A pair of protesters stormed the stage at a Ted Cruz rally while the candidate was speaking to Second Amendment supporters, but he would have none of it and promptly shut them down with an epic response.

The first heckler got up and asked the Cruz supporters, “Why is everyone so excited about guns?”

The Republican senator asked if the man was “confused,” then asked “Did he not get the memo, live free or die?”

“It’s not live coddled by a bunch of nanny state liberals who want to control every aspect of your life, or die,” he quipped.

When a second heckler jumped the stage, Cruz also labeled him confused and observed “The Bernistas are out in force.”

He added, ““Boy, it’s almost like the Bernie Sanders guys are scared!”

Watch the protesters get shut down by Cruz below:

Via Daily Caller:

Sen. Ted Cruz faced down protesters in Hudson, New Hampshire on Tuesday, telling them, “This is not your stage.”

At a Second Amendment rally, two protesters stormed Cruz’s stage at different times. Cruz asked the first protester who was wondering why people were so excited about guns, “Sir, who are you and what are you doing here? Are you a bit confused?”

The senator later told the crowd, “Boy, it’s almost like the Bernie Sanders guys are scared! The Bernistas are out in force,” after the second protester had to be forcibly removed.

Comment: What did you think of Cruz’ response to the hecklers? What better response is there than “live free, or die?” Share your thoughts below.

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