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The ‘Punishment’ This Child-Molesting Cop Got Is Outrageous!


While I am definitely pro-cop, this one police officer should be locked up for life after what he did to these children, rather than receiving a light sentence!

Officer Derren Tomlinson, a cop in England, was sentenced to a mere 11 years in prison for horrific crimes against children and animals.

From The Free Thought Project:

This model public servant was convicted of raping a girl under 13-years-old, sexual assault on a child, and bestiality. His offensively short sentence is likely due to the fact that he was a law enforcement officer.

When sentencing Tomlinson, Judge Robin Onions said he was “utterly unsuited to being a (police officer)” — an understatement, to say the least.

Tomlinson’s horrid acts took place last October. The department found out about them after looking through his phone which revealed a number of photos showing him raping a child. Also on the phone, was a video of Tomlinson engaging in sexual intercourse with a dog.

“He still struggles, feeling more sorry for himself than what he’s done,” the judge said of Tomlinson.

The judge was quick to respect the man’s uniform by saying these offences had “absolutely no link” to his job. However, a child rapist doesn’t magically morph in to a hero when donning a badge and a uniform. If this man had the opportunity to use his authority to act on his dark desires, he more likely than not exploited it. Every child — and dog, he came in contact with was in danger.

The evidence against Tomlinson was so strong, even his defense attorney was forced to renounce the man, but quickly noted that the officer was “remorseful.”

“I’ve not been instructed nor do I minimise the gravity of the offences,” attorney Dan White said. “He knows what he has done is deplorable and he is remorseful. He pleaded guilty immediately before the court and he was of previous good character.”

The ability to refer to a child rapist and dog despoiler as having “good character” is uniquely appalling and illustrates society’s tendency to idolize the uniform regardless of the vile human creature that occupies it.

Now watch this:

Do you think this cop got what he deserved or should he be locked up forever? Share your thoughts below!!