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Putin Doesn’t Want War With America, But He Does Want….

Putin Trump

Many of us believe Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is a lot fairer and trustworthy than Barack Obama. That’s the feeling American voters have because Obama has been too friendly to the Muslim factions that seem to always have a connection to the Muslim Brotherhood or other extremist groups.

I have friends who can’t or won’t come out and say it, but they would rather have someone like Putin in the White House leading our country than Obama who is on his way out.

Britain’s former¬†ambassador has leaked information that while Putin doesn’t want war with the United States, ¬†he won’t back down either. Obama and Hillary Clinton are seemingly trying to start something with that country in hopes the American people will back them on exaggerated information such as “we’re being hacked by Russian operatives.”

I don’t believe that for one bit, but it’s sad our government wants to go down that road.

From Daily Mail:

Vladimir Putin is gearing up for a ‘hot war’ he doesn’t want – but will not back down if he provoked over Syria, Britain’s former ambassador to Moscow has warned.

Sir Anthony Brenton insists relations between the Kremlin and the West are ‘the most dangerous’ he has ever seen amid heightened tensions over the country’s bombing campaign in Syria.

While Russia ‘means business’ having sent warships past British shores and displayed its military might, Moscow is ‘weak’ and does not want a war, Sir Brenton said.

In an exclusive opinion piece for the Daily Mirror, he said it is ‘close to impossible’ for Russia to back down because the ‘loss of face would almost certainly be the end of Putin’.

There has been weeks of posturing between Russia and the West with both sides trading accusations over the brutal civil war in Syria.

And Sir Brenton added: ‘If we act on Syria in any way that could escalate to a Russian attack, they are signaling as clearly as they can that they would retaliate.’

However, he said that while the situation was dangerous, Russia is also ‘weak’, spending far less on its military than the West.

Russia is not a threat to us. For God’s sake, Obama and Clinton have done their best to rip the Middle East apart. They have ruined Afghanistan, Libya and continue to destroy Syria by taking the sides of the rebels who are killing Christians.

Russia is not the enemy. Putin is against globalization, corrupt “establishment,” the sweeping ” Islamization” all over Europe. In fact, he is against everything that is being enforced upon the citizens of Western Europe. Now who do you think the enemy is? Our “leaders” see their ivory towers under threat, and their response is to make Russia the bogeyman. Putin or Islam? Our government isn’t flooding this country with Russians last time I looked.

Do you think Obama/Clinton understand the severity of going hard after Putin? Do you think they worry about the consequences they leave for the Trump as president? Share your comments below and let me know what you think.

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