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The Queen Is Embarrassed by Barack Obama! What an EPIC Fail (WATCH)

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane… to 2011. As if you needed to be reminded, President Barack Obama is a failure on the global stage. He even fails at basic rules of etiquette and procedure.

The above took place at Buckingham Palace, and what Obama did was so embarrassing that the Queen couldn’t stand to look at him.

As he starts his toast, the orchestra plays ‘God Save The Queen’ at the same time. The Telegraph from the UK wrote that ‘The Queen did not seem to take offense at the mishap, and appeared to stifle an embarrassed smile.’

Obama’s decision to press on with his scripted toast, instead of showing respect for England – one of America’s greatest allies – was a huge slap in the face to their people.

Don’t you wish America had a President we could be proud of?



  1. Daniel says:

    obama is,and will always be – an asshole. Hopefully, for the worlds sake, he will die and spare of from the embarrassment of having to watch him become an “old asshole”