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Queen of Jordan Just Showed Why She’s Loved By The World!

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The United States doesn’t get to see Jordan’s Queen Rania too much as she doesn’t travel here to the United States but the world knows of this young lady’s beauty. The King Of Jordan, as you see in the photo above, knows very well he’s got the cream of the crop and he’s a proud man. Don’t believe me, look at the photo again, watch how the chest is very high.

The Daily Mail said Queen Rania had a Cinderella moment on Thursday, but if you Google her photos, she’s Cinderella every day. The event she was looking extravagant at was the 70th year of Amman’s Raghadan Palace’s Independence. From the look at the photos across the internet, it was the place to be and everybody that was somebody in the region was there front and center.

From Daily Mail:

Queen Rania of Jordan had a real-life Cinderella moment today as she descended a sweeping flight of stairs in an unusual inside-out skirt.

The 45-year-old royal was attending a special celebration to mark her country’s 70th year of independence at Amman’s Raghadan Palace.

The stylish mother-of-four completed her look with an oversized boxy clutch and a statement gold necklace, with just a hint of purple pointed courts peeking out from underneath.

Abdullah couldn’t keep his smile of his face as he took his wife’s hand on the red carpet.

Today’s celebrations mark 70 years to the day since Jordan became an independent sovereign state in 1946.

The ceremony featured presentations highlighting the country’s history and its adherence the Great Arab Revolt.┬áRania herself took to Instagram to share her delight, posting pictures of herself and Abdullah on the red carpet.

The Royal Jordanian Air Force F-16 jets also performed a breathtaking aerobatics show in the skies above Amman.

Here are a few photos of Queen Rania:

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Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 7.48.17 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 7.49.24 PM

Queen Rania is not just a pretty face, she knows her politics:

Let me offer my congratulations and blessings for the Kingdom ‘s 70th anniversary of Independence Day along with the centennial of the Great Arab Revolt. Two historical occasions celebrated with warmth and solidarity reflecting the continuity and identity of a friendly nation.

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