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Quentin Tarantino Insults Sheriff David Clarke – REALLY Dumb Move!

Quentin Tarantino

After making horrendous comments about police officers at a Black Lives Matter protest in New York City, Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino has been doing a lot of explaining. Or rather, backpedaling. Predictably, his explanations have only added fuel to the fire.

After calling police officers racists and murderers at the rally, Tarantino blamed the negative backlash on ‘white supremacy.’

Unfortunately for him, matters only grew worse when he challenged outspoken African-American sheriff David Clarke.

“Clarke, who is on Fox all the time,” Tarantino explained, “says that I’m putting police in danger by standing up for the rights of unarmed citizens who have been killed by the police.”

The Sheriff was having none of it when he responded last night. But Clarke issued a challenge to Tarantino as well. Take a listen …

Via Fox News Insider:

Clarke said that Tarantino is a “limousine liberal” who feels guilty about his terrific lot in life.

“Every once in a while, what these elites do, they go down and appear at these demonstrations, and they try to get their legitimacy that they’re down with the struggle,” Clarke said. “They go down there, they get too far ahead of their skis and they say something stupid.”

Clarke said that he has a deal to offer Tarantino to help him out, since police unions around the country are calling for a boycott of his new film.

“You take the proceeds, the profits, from your next movie, donate them to the Concerns of Police Survivors or the National Law Enforcement Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C., maybe NYPD, for survivors of people who have been killed in the line of duty, and I’ll help call off the dogs on this proposed boycott,” Clarke offered.

Seems a simple solution – Show you actually care about the lives of police officers and their families, and all will be forgiven.

There’s no way a cop-hating Hollywood liberal like Tarantino will admit making a mistake.

Comment: Do you think Tarantino will accept Sheriff Clarke’s challenge and donate to the police officer’s fund? Will the director ever admit that he went too far with his comments that police officers are “murderers.”



  1. Edward says:

    Tarantino is mentally challenged.You can tell by the warped movies he produces. Somehow, this moron has been idolized by people of like ideas. I sincerely hope next time he’s in trouble and needs assistance, he needs to call a plumber or welder to assist him in his problems. Not the police…..

  2. Aytac says:

    I think Tarantino should retaliate against all this talk about police organizations boycotting his movies.
    He can boycott the police. Next time he needs some assistance if I were him, I would refuse to cal them. Both can play this game. That’ll teach them !