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Race-Baiting Teens Refuse to Listen to Officer at a Walmart… What Happens Next Is Exactly What They Desereved!

Thug Life

Officers were called to a Pensacola, Florida, Walmart on Friday when black youth decided they were going to put up resistance in leaving the store after being asked numerous times. 

Youth are becoming more disrespectful and defiant to law enforcement and security. The blueprint for these viral acts seem to involve showing disrespect to the business owner in charge, prompting a response to which the kids can either record the action and call the response racist or create an unsafe environment.

It’s not clear what prompted the police officer to confront the young men, but the website that posted the video, PhotographyIsNotACrime, claimed it was for slow shopping — and because they were black, of course. Here is some of the transcript:

“Leave the Wal-Mart now!” the officer tells the group, including an able-bodied “shopper” in motorized cart that had one bag of Doritos in the basket.

“I can shop all day,” the man in the motorized cart said. “What, I can’t shop?”

“You cannot shop,” the officer responded. “I’m telling you to get your ass up off that cart and get out of the store.”

“She’s cussing at us,” another says, in a show of mock offense.

“Because I’m speaking f***ing English and the fact that you don’t understand me  — ” she said.

“Bitch, you talking crazy,” the man in the motorized cart said as they began to talk over one another.

The officer continues to tell them to leave, and while the group appears to be heading toward the exit, the young man in the motorized cart refused to get out and continued to resist.

“Everything [is] on camera, I ain’t doing nothing wrong,” he said.

The cop finally had her fill and arrested the man, as another began yelling, “Let’s use Mike Brown! Let’s use Mike Brown.” Using that name alone only shows you their mindset of not wanting to leave the store without problems. Watch the confrontation in this video:

It’s well within the right of any store to refuse admittance to anyone they deem unsafe. I totally agree with the officer but I would like to hear from you. Tell us what you thought about this video in our comment section.

H/T – YouTubePhotographyIsNotACrime



  1. Karen says:

    I cannot believe the racist garbage on this site.

    1. Sharizzle says:

      Yes it is outrageous as somebody that used to work for Walmart I used to see white people riding skateboards, riding bicycles or bouncing balls around Walmart and they are not given any problems. Black people are going to have to be strong as their forefathers were. See we are given an illusion of fairness, justice and equality and in the face of those blatant lies we do not know how to handle it and we crack. Thank God we now have cameras as opposed to slavery when black people did not have cameras to record all of the horror that they endured. We have to once again become as strong as our forefathers that endured the whip were. I did not see anything that those black men did was wrong. But then again, you have to understand that Walmart owns stock in the private prison system. So while you are shopping there you are supporting the mass incarceration of black males.

  2. Tod says:

    Just more race baiters! That’s why no one will give them jobs! Look at them! Pathetic!

  3. Danny says:

    Pure trash an looking for trouble. Tis is what obummers son would have looked and acted like!

  4. Michelle says:

    Well, there were other black people shopping that they didn’t make leave, so obviously it wasn’t a race issue.

  5. Forrest says:

    The Walmart employee should NOT have been using the language she was using no matter WHAT the situation.

  6. Virginia says:

    The purpose is to undermine the officers’ credibility. The principles of law and order are being trampled on as much as our flag. You do understand this has to come to a head, sooner rather than later. We out number them. Get a carry permit, concealed or open. It is obvious words will not resolve this.

  7. Lawrence says:

    They are emboldened. Police are always in the right when anyone is endangering the public or creating civil disturbance.

  8. K Michel says:

    Not supposed to ride those motorized carts unless you are disabled. The kid clearly was not. Wal Mart employees may have confronted him to return the cart and of course, being the punks they were, the ignored staff so the police were called. And AS USUAL….the RACE BAITING THUGS have to start being rude and trying to pull the race card. Just so pathetic…disgusting how the racist blacks continue to blame every frigging thing on race…rather than taking responsibility for THEIR OWN DISRESPECTFUL, IGNORANT BEHAVIOR. ALWAYS BLAMING SOMEONE ELSE. GROW THE HELL UP AND HAVE SOME DIGNITY!

  9. Vic says:

    Without a doubt their intent was to create a disturbance & were relatively successful / just out looking for trouble !! If I were these guys i would NEVER shop (lift ) @ this location and take my “skills” to another Wal Mart !!! Know what I mean ???