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RACIST Employee Puts THIS on Facebook – Her Company’s Response Is AWESOME!

If you don’t want to work, turn in your papers or give your employer some notice, but don’t disrespect the organization via social media like Shana Latrice, former Brookfield Zoo employee. Latrice, while wearing the establishment’s uniform uploaded a picture with the caption: “at work serving these rude (expletive) white people,” reportedly tagging the Zoo in the post.


The Zoo issued a statement saying it has zero tolerance for that kind of behavior and that the worker is no longer employed there.

“We became aware of the actions of a single employee which we agree are unacceptable. This employee’s statements in social media are in violation of our policies and do not reflect our institution’s values. We have zero tolerance for these kinds of divisive behaviors. We treat all employment matters confidentially, but rest assured that we have taken prompt action to remedy the situation.

“We hope you continue to hold Brookfield Zoo in high regard and not let the actions of one individual overshadow the longstanding good work of the Chicago Zoological Society.”



I don’t care if she used a color to describe someone. That said she needed to be fired. She posted a selfie, while at work, complaining about customers, and tagged the workplace. It’s unprofessional, period. People do not want to go somewhere thinking that those serving them are calling them names behind their back. It’s Customer Service 101. Also, when will people realize that what they post on social media isn’t private at all and that there can be repercussions for their behavior? This isn’t the first case of someone being fired because of something they posted on Facebook.

H/T – Chicago Tribune



  1. She should not be allowed to collect unemployment and as she was fired for cause probably wont be able to collect, she should not be allowed welfare. Maybe she will learn to keep her mouth shut.

  2. Leonard says:

    I think she was on the wrong side of the bars.

  3. Richard says:

    So now she’ll collect unemployment welfare and foodstamps from the people she hates.

  4. James says:

    Having worked a myriad of jobs that catered to the general public, I can say by and large the general public is pretty abusive of people that “serve” them. You go in with best intentions and you try but you just get fed up. I think that’s all that happened here.

    She ought to be able to vent about her job and the people the make her life harder every day, but probably she shouldn’t have done it in uniform at the work place. She should have been a little more discrete. But personally, I understand it.

  5. Michael says:

    I think the rude one was her ,people tend respond to you the way you act to them . she should have fixed the person in the mirror first ,

  6. Pasquale says:

    Now will be on welfare

  7. David says:

    She belongs in it!

  8. Jim says:

    I wonder if I walk up to where she worked and asked just to be served by a white person what he reaction would be!! DAN’s are funny

  9. Mike says:

    I would have expected this at Lincoln park zoo not Brookfield

  10. Ruby says:

    Note she got 17 likes. This is simply another example of what happens when the MSM PC narrative is taken seriously by foolish young people.

  11. Wow this is pretty damn funny — smart Azz PUNK got just what she deserved !! NO JOB !!! if it wasn’t for those White People paying to come to the Zoo the Zoo wouldn’t be there it would be closed ! So your ignorant mouth just got you CANNED !!! Take that to the bank little black girl !! People are TIRED of this Crap !!!!!

  12. Lawrence says:

    She probably thought she worked for the Federal Government.