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Rand Paul Is The Only Republican With An Acceptable Excuse For Missing The Convention

A lot of Republicans (like John McCain) are running scared from the GOP convention and Donald Trump. Thinking that they’re careers would be best served avoiding the supposedly dangerous and unpopular nominee.

And while most Republicans missing the convention fall into that category, Kentucky Senator and defender of liberty Rand Paul (who is also a Ophthalmologist) has an excuse that I personally think is pretty valid.

Before you go bashing him as a “RINO” and an squish, remember this. We want citizen-legislators. We want people who will represent us in Washington and then come home. Wouldn’t it be better if ALL of our Senators had actual jobs that they had to do? How much better would our government be if it was run by people who had life experience beyond politics and beyond Washington, DC.

I personally applaud Senator Doctor Paul for going out and making a real difference in his community and directly making lives better.

He also recently attacked Hillary Clinton over the email scandal, take a look:

Stay tuned for all of our RNC coverage as the event rolls on.