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Rape Survivor Confronts Obama: Your Gun Control Laws Are Making Me Less Safe!


A rape survivor and mother of two confronted President Obama’s gun control attempts head on, explaining that “these restrictions … make it harder for me to own a gun.”

She added that his anti-gun executive orders are “actually just making my kids and I less safe.”

Via The Blaze:

Kimberly Corban, who survived a 2006 rape while studying at a Colorado college, presented her question to Obama at CNN’s “Guns in America” town hall event.

“As a survivor of rape and now a mother to two small children, you know it seems like being able to purchase a firearm of my choosing and being able to carry that where me and my family are — it seems like my basic responsibility as a parent at this point,” Corban told Obama. “I have been unspeakably victimized once already and I refuse to let that happen again to myself or my kids.”

“So why can’t your administration see that these restrictions that you’re putting to make it harder for me to own a gun or harder for me to take that where I need to be is actually just making my kids and I less safe?” she asked.

The President said that while Corban’s story was horrific, none of his gun measures were going to make it more difficult to purchase a gun.

Remarkably, he then went on to argue that having one isn’t going to help protect somebody who is being assaulted or perhaps blindsided during an attack.

“There are always questions as to whether or not having a firearm in the home protects you from that kind of violence,” the president said. “And I’m not sure we can resolve that — people argue it both sides. What is true is that you have to be pretty well-trained in order to fire a weapon against someone who is assaulting you and catches you by surprise. What is also true is always that possibility that firearm in the home leads to a tragic accident.”

So because an accident could happen, there’s really no need to try and defend yourself from a rapist.

If that were true, there’d really be no need for security guards to be placed at banks. They may accidentally shoot somebody, so get rid of them altogether.

Better yet, Secret Service agents might cause an accident as well. Perhaps we should ban them, Mr. President.

Cars. You could always get into an accident in a car. Why take the chance?

Or there’s the reality that the victim has increased the odds of protecting themselves dramatically with a gun ready to defend.


You can watch the entire exchange below …

Comment: What did you think of President Obama’s response to this courageous rape victim?

Does he have a point, or is telling a rape victim that a gun might not make her safer absurd? Tell us your reaction below.



  1. Irene says:

    Well Mr Obama i bet you wouldn’t tell your guards to leave there weapon at home and come guard him you cause you aren’t that stupid.

  2. David says:

    young lady; here is some advice;;;;never argue with an IDIOT. OR LEFT WING BIGOT.

  3. Rick says:

    My friends, for you and all American Citizens to be anxious out in public IS THE DESIRED END by the lying scumbags in he District of criminals. Anxious, fearful citizens cry out for safety! Our government promises safety while taking it away!
    They (almost all) are Socialists. Socialism is the central gov’t control of the means of production and distribution of available goods and services. That means total control. To see results of Socialism and to see how poorly the Soviets met the needs of the workers, read a couple of Sasha Solzhenitsyn’s “novels.”

    1. Rick says:

      Go, Donald J Trump! On to victory over those RiNO, fat old white men who are really Demorats in disguise.

  4. La says:

    For a guy who says he’s not going to take away guns… it sure sounds like he wants to… take away guns…. and… the RIGHT to carry a concealed weapon for protection.

    Bath house Barry, not everyone has lifetime Secret Service protection with dozens of heavily armed body guards surrounding them, your guards carry full-auto UZI, MP-5 machine pistols, anti-tank weapons… all we are asking for is to carry a simple semi-auto pistol…

    What a hypocrite… and liar.

  5. c says:

    This from a president who was extolled by the media elite as “The One!” Oh yes, he is so brillant and highly educated. This man’s logic couldn’t help him find a way out of a paper bag! What an insulting twit he was to this woman!