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Convicted Rapist Curses at Judge – Now He’ll Regret It Forever

When someone has your fate in their hands, the least you could do is be polite.

That wasn’t the case for one criminal – but it’s not surprising, given the nature of his crimes. Now-prisoner for life Tyler Grogan was facing charges related to rape, robbery, and gun violence.

During his sentencing, Judge Alford Dempsey referred to Grogan as an “animal,” prompting Grogan to tell the judge that he “didn’t need to hear this s***.” Unsurprisingly, it didn’t play out well for him.

Watch below:

He had already been facing seven consecutive life sentences when the judge tacked on a symbolic 270 extra years tacked for his comments and overall lack of remorse.

His lawyer apologized, stating that Grogan had been facing “inner demons.” Yeah,  no kidding.

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