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He Kidnapped and Raped Her But This Woman Refused to Let Him Win – Here’s How She Got Away

It took a jury less than four hours to convict a would-be rapist who had his gun turned on him by his victim.


Duane Portman Sr., 44, kidnapped his victim and took her to the Labelz 4 Less in Springfield, Ohio where he worked as a cleaner.

Portman then held a gun to the woman’s head and proceeded to rape her. During the act, the victim wrestled the gun from him and fired, striking him twice in the face.

The woman escaped and drove herself to a hospital in Dayton.

Portman, meanwhile, survived the multiple gunshot wounds and drove himself to a hospital in Springfield. When police questioned him, Portman could not explain where or how he was shot.


Customers said they thought the woman did the right thing and said they don’t feel the store is in a dangerous area.

“I’m glad she’s safe and I guess he deserved what was coming to him,” Labelz 4 Less shopper Angela Bozarth told WKEF, adding, “I think I feel safe enough to come [to the store] during the day and I think with enough people around, it will be okay.”

Check out this video report:

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H/T – NY Daily News




  1. Missy says:

    Good for her! Too bad she didn’t kill his worthless ass.

  2. Mary says:

    Too bad she wasn’t carrying her own gun. She might never had been raped in the first place.