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Rare Fish From Brazil Found In US… What It Eats Will Make You Think Twice About Swimming!

Say hello to the pacu:


Yep, this little guy is a native of Brazil, is 10 inches long, and has human-like teeth:


And what does it use those huge knashers to feed on? The answer would be testicles. Human testicles. According to the London Mail, two fishermen from New Guinea were killed recently by the pacu after they castrated them.

But don’t worry, you’re telling yourself while nervously wiping the sweat from your brow, these monsters live miles away in Latin America.

Sorry, bub, but I’ve got bad news, because these nasty ball-biters have just been discovered in New Jersey. Fisherman Ron Rossi found the fish while out on a relaxing trip on the lake. And when he discovered exactly what it was, we’re guessing he immediately grabbed hold of his crotch for protection.

The experts over a the Department of Environmental Protection are guessing that the pacu was released by an owner who’d taken them in as pets, because we all get the urge to buy a toothy castration machine every time we set foot in the pet store.

So next time you step into the water America… take care!

H/T: London Mail

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  1. Forrest says:

    Well, that takes care of swimming in any LAKES.

  2. krissytree says:

    These fish are often mistaken as piranha. They are sold in pet shops for as low as 1.99 for the smallest ones and they will grow to tank size. Unfortunately they are put in large tanks and then let loose in the wild because they get tired of them. They can survive very well in the wild. We always called them a garbage fish because they will eat anything, so men don’t get excited it maybe just because things are hanging.