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RAW FOOTAGE! Man Heard The Cries Of Children In Flooding Home, Then THIS!


Dramatic video footage shows a desperate effort to save a family trapped inside a house as water cascades through a window in Amman. Heavy rainfall in the Jordanian kingdom resulted in severe flooding on Thursday morning.

The torrential downpour lasted 45 minutes, but many homes, streets, and tunnels were flooded as water levels reached 40mm, according to meteorological sources.


Four people were killed, including three Egyptian nationals – two of whom were children.

The YouTube footage above shows a number of men trying to break a window of a house to rescue the children trapped inside. Water can be seen streaming out of the building, with a group of children visible through the shutters.

Eventually, one man manages to break the shutter with his hammer, and the children come pouring out of the house.

Some houses had their ground floors completely submerged under water.

Check out this video:

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