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Ray Lewis Delivers Impassioned Plea to People of Baltimore


Former Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis posted a message to his Facebook page for the people of Baltimore. He speaks passionately about ending the rioting and looting and pleads for an end to the violence.

When Ray Lewis talks, Baltimore listens. As the city continues to devolve into chaos following the death of Freddie Gray — an African-American man who mysteriously died from a spinal cord injury while in police custody — prominent figures from the area have begun to speak out against the violence and destruction. Today, Lewis gave an intense monolog directed at the (mostly young) rioters currently trashing his city.

H/T: SportsGrid.com

Watch and listen to the former linebacker and Super Bowls champion’s message below:

“Violence is not the answer. We must have peace in our city,” Lewis said.

“We are a city that’s built on believing in each other.”

According to Lewis the kids need to have real leaders and violence is not the solution.



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