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Ready To get Angry? Read Example No 56,781 Of Obama Incompetence Below!


Want to know why Americans are yearning for a candidate who will shake up Washington? Then take a look at this latest example of buffoonery coming from our capital:

The head of U.S Naval intelligence, Vice Admiral Ted Branch, has been banned from reading intelligence reports.

Just let that statement sink in for a moment.

Yep, you read it correctly. The head of American Naval intelligence is not cleared to read any intelligence.

How, you ask, did we come to such an absurd situation?

Two years ago, Admiral Branch was caught up in a corruption investigation launched by Obama’s Department of Justice. Fearing he would be indicted, the Navy took away his security clearance.

After two years, the DOJ, proving that government moves at a glacial pace, still has not finished their investigation, and the Navy has not moved Branch from his position.  What that means for our country is that, at a time of great peril overseas, our Navy’s intelligence gathering capabilities are crucially undermined.

It sounds like something out of a Hollywood farce, except the only person laughing is Putin and America’s other enemies around the world.

H/T: hotair.com

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