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What Reagan And Trump Have In Common Could Mean We’re In For A President Trump!


A similarity between Donald Trump and former President Ronald Reagan has conservatives thinking the Republican front-runner might follow the same path to a landslide victory.

Trump has made waves announcing that he will skip the final GOP debate before the Iowa caucuses.

Trump met the press Tuesday in Iowa, and later in the day said he would not participate in the final debate before the Feb. 1 Iowa caucuses because of the involvement of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

Similarly, Reagan chose to skip a Republican debate before the Iowa caucus in 1980. Reagan lost the caucus, but we all know what happened after that.

Via Bloomberg:

Trump isn’t the first top-tier presidential candidate to skip a debate. Ronald Reagan did not attend a Republican debate ahead of the 1980 Iowa caucuses, which he lost to George H.W. Bush. Reagan went on to the win the nomination and the presidency.

Could the parallels between Trump and Reagan spell out who our future President will be? Only time will tell.

Comment: Will Trump follow a similar path to Reagan, skipping the debate but going on to win the presidency? Share your predictions below.

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