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Is THIS The Reason Obama’s Insider Was Murdered?!?! BREAKING NEWS

seth rich dc

No matter what side you are on politically, life is always more important.

Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee staffer who lived in Washington, DC was shot multiple times in the back and died at the scene of the incident.

I don’t understand the senseless murder here. However, I do understand the people questioning why a DNC staffer would be shot in the back by a possible thief or angry yielding gun monster. The 25k reward? Is it DC..surely cameras everywhere caught this murder? The police heard it and made their way over to find not one person?

Terrible that anyone loses their life needlessly. Also tragic that government actions have enabled and empowered the criminal elements in DC

From Washington Post:

Seth Rich made such an impression as a teenage intern in Nebraska that a U.S. Senate campaign hired him before he completed high school. A young man who dreamed politics, he headed to Capitol Hill after college.

As a staffer at the Democratic National Committee, Rich worked tirelessly on a project to help voters easily find their polling places. But he was lighthearted too, sometimes pulling on a sweatshirt adorned with a picture of a panda, his favorite animal, just to make co-workers laugh.

Early Sunday morning, the 27-year-old was shot to death in a crime that has shaken not only his family, colleagues and friends, but also many in his Bloomingdale neighborhood of Northwest. Police said they have no suspects, witnesses or motive, though they are looking at whether Rich could have been slain in an attempted robbery.

Rich was found shot several times, at least once in the back, about 4:20 a.m., after police were alerted by sensors that detect the sound of gunfire. The ShotSpotter sensors drew officers to Flagler Place and W Street, a block from a townhouse Rich moved into two years ago with several roommates.

Rich’s father, Joel I. Rich, 68, said he believes his son was killed after resisting a robbery in which the assailant got nothing — the victim’s watch, wallet and credit cards were not taken. Police are hoping to locate surveillance video and are urging people to come forward with information

Another life is unnecessarily wasted. America is going to hell in a hand basket. Sad to say the nation’s mentality is taking a nosedive. Hate, bigotry, ignorance, and racism have replaced love, honor and compassion. Will it never end? My sincere condolences to this young man’s family.

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