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Recent Data from These Polls Could Spell the End of Every Candidate But These Two!

A new South Carolina GOP primary poll is out and the results are staggering for the entire presidential field. They are sending shockwaves throughout the establishment and yes, Iowa and New Hampshire data have been trending this way as well. But the SC results escalate the race to a potential impossibility for any candidate not named Donald Trump or Ben Carson.

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The poll, released by Public Policy Polling, shows Trump with a commanding lead at a whopping 37% and Ben Carson sitting at 21%. All other GOP candidates failed to break the 1% mark!

With this being the case, it’s hard to see how any other candidate has a path to victory. Let’s look at the first four primary/caucus states. This according to the national average of all major polls.

Iowa – February 1

Donald Trump – 26.4%
Ben Carson – 19.4%
Ted Cruz – 7%
Scott Walker – 6.4%

New Hampshire – February 9

Donald Trump – 27%
John Kasich – 11.7%
Jeb Bush – 9.3%
Carly Fiorina – 8.3%

South Carolina – February 20

Donald Trump – 33%
Ben Carson – 14.3%
Jeb Bush – 10%
Scott Walker – 5.8%

Nevada – February 23

Donald Trump – 27.7%
Scott Walker – 15%
Ben Carson – 7.8%
Jeb Bush – 6.8%

Of course, now the question is, will the media ad blitz about to come out against Trump work? It might, but it doesn’t need to just work… it needs to move political mountains. Because even if a massive multi-million dollar ad blitz carves 5-10% from Trump’s numbers, he’s still way out front. By far.


The establishment candidates have a huge problem here. Not only do they have to try and take down a guy that is ahead of them 20+ points, they have to figure out Ben Carson who also leads by a wide margin. Worse, it’s highly likely that if voters leave Trump, they go to Carson. And if they leave Carson, they go to Trump. This simply because the two aren’t a part of Washington or the establishment elite.

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H/T – Public Policy Polling