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Bar Owner Refused a Drink in His OWN Bar, You Won’t BELIEVE What He DID!

Mark Swistun

If you had ponied up almost $120,000 to buy a bar, wouldn’t you bit a little bit steamed if you were refused a drink when you came in?

Well, that’s what happened to British business owner Mark Swistun when he walked into the Royal Oak pub after it has closed one evening.

He asked the staff behind the bar for a drink, but they refused, citing the fact that the premises were only licensed to sell alcohol until 11pm, and Swistun had arrived after that time.

Most business owners would have scolded their staff or otherwise accepted their decision, but this business owner decided to do things a little different! He got aboard his back hoe… and began to demolish the bar!

Mark Swistun

Thankfully, no one was inside when he began his rampage, and as the bar belongs to him, police cannot arrest him for a crime.

So Swistun goes free … and back to a bar that now needs nearly $40,000 worth of repairs.

Was the guy right to do this? Let us know below:

H/T: London Telegraph