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New York Man Builds Igloo….Then Does THIS


Just when you thought America’s best days where behind her, along comes a story that renews your faith in the greatness of this land!

In the middle of historic Winter Storm Jonas, which dumped a record-amounts of storm across the East Coast, New York Art Director Patrick Horton ventured into his back yard and built himself an igloo…the frosty housing usually associated with Eskimos.

As you can see, he did a pretty good job:

But this is America, and if we there’s a way to turn a profit, we’ll find it. So Horton went on to advertise his igloo on the rental website airbnb.com, offering what he described as “snowpocalypse of 2016’s most desirable getaway.”

Alas, this being modern America, Horton’s dream of an icy payoff came to nothing. The meddlesome folks who run the website took down the ad, claiming the he could not advertise it on airbnb.com because it did not have heating, electricity, and a door.

Just add those Patrick and you’ll make a fortune!

H/T: TheVerge.com

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