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Reporter Asks Proponent of Gun Control to Offer One Solution, Then THIS Happens


After defending President Obama’s politicization of the Oregon shooting, Bloomberg reporter Mark Halperin was asked to offer up just one solution that could solve the problem of mass shootings.

National Review reporter Charles C.W. Cooke asked Halperin for specifics, to which he responded that we needed “legislation” and “coming up with ideas.”

Cooke not only asked Halperin for specific proposals or ideas, he turned to MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski and asked what proposals she had that could have prevented Oregon. Brzezinski essentially said she’d do “more than Washington” which was “absolutely nothing.”

In all, nobody on the panel was able to answer Cooke’s call for solutions.

He complained that the President and Vice-President were simply dishing out “strawmen and cliches.”

Watch the exchange below …

Via The Free Beacon:

National Review reporter Charles C. W. Cooke challenged Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin to offer his solutions to gun violence in America Friday morning on Morning Joe. After he insisted lawmakers must act to prevent further mass shooting in America, agreeing with President Obama, Halperin failed to deliver a single solution.

“Well, I think that the finding solutions are short-term in terms of legislation, state and federal,” Halperin said. “Then also, coming up with ideas.”

Halperin did not, however, ever manage to come up with an idea. The co-host of With All Due Respect’s idea was to have lawmakers come up with ideas of their own.

Host Joe Scarborough criticized proponents of limiting the Second Amendment, saying they had no idea whether or not their policies would or could prevent mass shootings. He noted that extensive laws for background checks failed to stop Oregon, failed to stop the Roseburg shooting, and failed to stop the Sandy Hook strategy.

Comment: Are there any ideas out there that you think would help stop mass shootings in America?




  1. James says:

    The solution is for people to quit being victims. Learn to defend yourself, and those around you. Buy a gun get training and practice. I feel we need to have firearms training in school. Even if it is only how to properly handle a found weapon.

  2. Rick says:

    Typical liberal blah blah blah…no solutions ever

  3. Dave says:

    tart respecting life, quit deligitimizing and putting it as an after thought. teach your children to pray to something higher than the almighty dollar.and the only way to do it is start talking about it and get rid of the pc crap that prevents this.