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Reporter Blasts Obama Administration on Hillary E-Mail Practices


After days of repeated grilling on the matter, it appears the White House is no longer fooling anybody when it comes to their lack of concern that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have been violating federal regulations, and worse, opening up classified information to security attacks, by exclusively using a personal e-mail account during her tenure at the State Department.

CBS reporter Major Garrett lambasted press secretary Josh Earnest for the administration’s apparent “deference” to Clinton on the shady personal e-mail practice, insinuating that the President may have turned a blind eye as a concession after a contentious relationship during their respective campaigns over six years ago.

Garrett told Earnest that while the White House talks about “guidance” and “procedures” regarding federal policies, when in reality “it appears here no one cares about” those things.

Garret added that it appears Clinton “was given deference and a space unlike anybody else” when it came to her e-mail practices.

Earnest claimed that the scandal “is something that we do care about.”

He added that, “Obama administration officials have to be in compliance with the Federal Records Act.”

Garrett retorted that nobody oversaw that compliance with Clinton.

“You also left it up to her and her team to do that!”

Watch the video below …

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